Underage Lolita Models

Underage Lolita Models


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I cleared my throat. "I don't know Uncle Bill. Is this is something you
really want to do with me?
"Yes if you will let me. I don't want to do anything you don't want to
do". He finished the beer and tossed the can to the side of the shed. He
reached down with the right-hand and took hold of his cock. He stroked it
slowly causing the pre-cum to ooze. By now my cock was pressing against my
crotch trying to get out.
"Of course I would let you. I've wanted to be with you ever since I team up
with you to work. When you caught me and the guys together and didn't say
much, I thought you were mad at me and thought I was awful. Underage Lolita Models I don't know
if you know it or not I am really turning into a boy slut".
He pulled me close to him and looked me straight into my eyes. "I didn't
know what to say, Leon. I thought if I mentioned that I wanted to put my
cock in your ass you would never come up and see me again." I smiled and
put one hand on each side of his face. I pulled his head closer and kissed
him on the lips. The first time it was just a little peck. The second, I
pressed my lips tight and push my tongue towards his teeth. He opened his
mouth to let my tongue in. My knees were getting weak with lust. Our
tongues fought, exchanging saliva. It didn't look like he was going to
take the lead so it's up to me.
I pulled the shoulder straps of his coveralls. He wasn't wearing a
shirt. This was really first time I noticed what a great body he had. He
must have beefed up working these apple trees. The sun had caused his skin
to darken. His nipples were big and erect. I started kissing the side of
his face working my way to his neck. As I passed this ear my tongue darted
inside. I took his entire ear into my mouth and gently bit down on it as my
tongue explored the canal. He had both arms around my waist. He held me
close enough for our crouches to meet. I really wanted him to take my cock
out of my jeans. I continue to run my tongue down his chest stopping at the
left nipple. I gently bit the tip, Underage Lolita Models and then I change to the right
nipple. Uncle Bill was moaning and I could feel his arms quivering.
I didn't speak a word. My tongue reached his chest near his belly button; I
unbuttoned the side buttons letting the flap fall forward. Not removing my
tongue from his skin I reached down and took hold of his cock. It was
stiff, hot and soft at the same time. I began rubbing the tip of his cock
with my right thumb so the pre-cum would spread covering the entire
head. "Oh God, you really know what you are doing. You're making me feel so
weak". I remained silent and started pushing the coveralls down and around
his ass. He lifted his ass and allowed the coveralls to fall to the floor
around his ankles.
He reached forward and unbuttoned my cutoff jeans and they fell to the
floor exposing my cock which was erected and pointed forward. He took hold
of my cock with both hands. I gently remove his hands and went down on my
knees. I regain control of his tool with both hands. I wrapped my right
hand around the stiff shaft and cupped his balls in my left hand. I gently
placed the head of his cock in my mouth, swirling my tongue in orbit
tasting the leaking juice. Uncle Bill started breathing heavy and he tilted
his head backwards with his eyes closed. "I've never felt anything like
this before. Why have we not been together before now? I can see you have
definitely turned into a cock hound."
I began moving my mouth up and down his shaft. It had large veins. It must
have been a little over 8 inches. If not it was close. Every time I lowered
my head I sucked his cock deeper into my throat. Then I felt his hands on
the back of my head. He began adding pressure pushing his cock deep in my
throat. He was breathing out loud. When he leaned forward I felt the sweat
from his face dripping on my back. I accepted his entire cock all down my
throat allowing my chin to rest on his balls. He kept his hand on the back
of my head as I bobbed up and down. Now we were both moaning with lust. I
could hear the wet slushy sound I was making as I sucked his cock deep. "I
feel like I'm going to shoot". But I removed his cock from my mouth because
I did not want him to spew Underage Lolita Models
his load just yet.
"I want you to fuck me Uncle Bill. I want you to fuck me with that monster
cock. I want to feel you moving in and out of me". I turn putting my back
towards him. I walked backwards and grabbed hold of his cock. I put the
head of his cock at the entrance of my ass hole. The next thing he knew I
impaled that cock deep in my ass without even taking time to get used to
the size.
"Holy shit Uncle Bill. That hurts so much. I love the way you are
stretching my ass hole filling my boy pussy". My feet were flat on the
floor and my hands were on his thigh for balance. I started pushing myself
up and down his thick cock. I could feel the head of his cock goes so deep
that it felt as though it was going to touch my stomach. I pumped up and
down, not allowing the head to come completely out of my ass.
"Fuck me Uncle Bill. Fuck me like the slut I am. Fill my boy pussy with
you warm cum". He stood and moved me Underage Lolita Models to the bale of hay, his cock never
leaving my ass. He placed his hand on my hips and began slamming his cock
deep inside. Harder and harder he pounded my ass.
"Take all of my cock you filthy slut. I'm going to rip you a new ass. I'm
going to fuck like the whore you are. I want you to be my bitch to
breed". He was slamming in and out, pushing me up against the bale of
hay. I could feel his knees begin to shake and his grip tightened on my
hips. And with one grunt he rammed his cock as deep as he could and began
pumping me full of his love juice. Load after load after load. It seemed
like he was never going to run out of juice. He laid his limp body over
mine. Our sweat mixed together.
When he stood up I turned around facing me. I cleaned his cock I put it
deep into my mouth and suck it clean. "I love you so much. You will always
be the nephew that I shared my love with." We separated and he started to
put his coveralls on. I slipped my cutoff jeans over my waist. I zipped the
fly put the button back in place. After Underage Lolita Models Uncle Bill got himself back
together he started to leave the shed. When he reached the door he turned
around to see me still standing there. "Are you coming with me?" I shook my
head no.
"If it's okay with you I'm going to lay back here for just a while longer".
"Certainly, that will be fine. But don't be late for dinner. That would
really piss your aunt Lois to no end".
When it was time to go to school back-to-school I left Washington State.
That was the last time I saw my uncle Bill. He was killed in the automobile
accident the Underage Lolita Models following year. As sad as I was to lose him I was happy we
were able Underage Lolita Models to share our love.
Date: Tue, 15 Feb 2011 15:17:04 -0600
From: Leon Hall
Subject: Daddy and me Chapter 8
Daddy and me
Chapter 8
By: wish master
This story is intended for those who are of legal age. If you live in a
municipality that does not allow such material, even if you are a legal
age, you should stop reading this. If you are offended by stories of sexual
activity between men and boys, especially incest, and should not continue
reading this.
Needless to say my relationship with my parents has changed. Just thinking
about having a three-way with my mom and dad makes my cock hard. I told
above all about me having sex with my parents that he was blown away. I
found out that while I was in Washington state he found a new friend with
the same interest as us. His name was Tony. Tony was a transfer student
from another district. His family relocated after his father changed jobs.
"He really wants to me to Leon. I think you're going to like him." He told
me while we were leaving the boys Underage Lolita Models bathroom. I couldn't help but notice that
Bob had cum stain on the outside of his zipper. I didn't want him to feel
self-conscious so I didn't say anything. "If you're not doing anything
after school today we can Underage Lolita Models go over to Tony's house. His mom and dad both
worked swing shift which means they left the house at about 3:00. The three
of us will have the house to ourselves."
"It sounds interesting. What is he like?"
"Let's just wait until you meet him. I told you are really going to like
After PE I hooked up with Bob at the student quad. His mom was parked in
front of the school, waiting to give him a ride home. She told me she would
also give me a ride. When we got to the red Camry pub opens a door saying
shotgun. I climbed into the back seat. "How are your parents, Leon?" She
asked without looking at me.
"They're okay. My mom is working a second job now so I'll see her much."
With the look of disappointment on her face, she just shook her head as she
pulled up of the school parking lot. It was short ride home; about 15
min. Bob told me he would meet me at my house. I don't know why he didn't
have his mom brought him at my house. But he does a lot of things I don't
understand. When I got home I gulped down a sandwich then headed upstairs
to shower. I didn't take a shower before I left school today. I didn't
expect the rest of my brothers and sisters home for another half hour. This
alone, I got out my school close, I walked down the hall to the shower
naked. I had just begun soaping up when I heard someone tapee peeing on the
shower door after I sprayed the soap off my face, I looked down and noticed
it was my seven-year-old sister, Cindy.

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